Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exercise Motivation

I knew I wanted to go for a bike ride this morning as soon as I got up and got going...
I knew this because my Jeep broke down last week.
And in taking my Jeep to to the shop,
I threw my bike in the back to give myself a ride home...
Well, that short bike ride home, mind you I was riding fast, kicked my ass!
So, the idea of a weekly bike ride was born...
Now to just get myself out the door to do so!

Here is what got me:
1) Psyched myself up telling myself how good I'd feel after...

2) Remembered an article I just read in Mens Health, about warming up...
-It was the warm up that got me moving and eventually out the door
(Read point number 3 on page two of this article)

My warm up consisted of some light kickboxing,
-a few bench presses
-some core stretching and crunches
-and a last blow up on the punching bag...

After my ride I was able to go back downstairs and:
-do some deadlifts,  shrugs, and curls
-and blow up on the bag again

Now I am ready for a powerful lunch,
and feeling good about getting my work and study day started!

Once again I had to program my brain to do as I ultimately wanted...
Had I not psyched myself up,
none of this would have happened...


Monday, August 30, 2010

Opening Post

I am currently enrolled at ITT Tech in Louisville KY studying software development.
The classes are crazy expensive!
So, having the opportunity to test out of some,
I am trying to take full advantage!

I have been studying intro to Web Design for the last few weeks,
and hope to test out this Thursday morning...
I have almost finished a web tutorial series from www.lynda.com
which I have found to be an extremely valuable resource for multiple media and design needs!

So, getting to the end of the Web Design Principals tutorial the chapter video is titled:
"Getting Online Quickly" mentioning blogs...

And Drumroll (blahhblamblamalamblahblamablamblam)
Brain Programmers Food is born