Tuesday, October 19, 2010

JAVA - NetBeans - Eclipse - Tool

Lots going on!
I have a Midterm in XHTML tomorrow night.
Which stinks because tomorrow night is Peggy's BDay!
I think I might have some magic up my sleeve for her this week...

The Slingerland refurbished drums are complete,  and up on ebay...
Here is the link:

I have been jamming Tool really loud all morning, and it feels great!
I can't believe Maynard is in the Wine business now
Here is the link: (Very cool site!)

(pic from www.franticmag.com)

I have downloaded several programs today to get prepped for future studies and accomplishments
Here is what I got:
-For Python writing / integration

Java SDK and NetBeans for Java Development

Hope some of this helps someone find what they are looking for!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Technology Review MIT - Python

I, out of finishing my work in class last night,
and wanting to appear busy still...
stumbled upon this blog from a link from my ACM.org membership.
Those wiley MIT bastards as so smart!
There is all kinds of  mind refreshing / stimulating articles here along with some of the freshest ideas in the field...

I also spoke with several other students at ITT and they all are starting programming ( which Websters dictionary also accepts "programing" with 1 letter m as correct ) using Python language and pseudocode in Raptor as well...
Time to get busy!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back from Florida.... Drum pics...

First day back from Jensen Beach Florida...
Had a great time,
but feels good to be back home.
Peggy's brothers wedding was very nice, got to go deep sea fishing, and then deep sea puking, and swimming...
The dogs are very happy to have their peoples back!!!

On a side note,
here are the finished pics for the late 60's Slingerland kit I promised when it was finished:

Cleaned up pretty nice, eh!