Wednesday, September 29, 2010

XHTML / CSS / WordPress

So I am now waist deep ion XHTML entering into the world of CSS...
I am enjoying it quite a bit,
I just need to stay focused!
I new you could view a source code page from the browser,
but until now it never really made any sense to me what I was looking at,
now it is starting to all form together what is going on by looking at the code...

I am studying,
or taking a break from studying CSS and changing page attributes today,
and have class over the material tonight...

I have also created a blog for Moms Music in Word Press for a change of pace.
I like they layout and features!
Check it out:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kindle - The More I Read The Better My Memory...

So, my birthday isn't until the End of November,
but Peggy has already got me a Kindle!
And that is Awesome!
I can have books with me everywhere and easily...
I just need to learn navigation and uploading my content...

It seems the more I read and take notes,
the better my memory gets remembering chucks of info while transferring to my notebook
Just an observation!

Today I am starting creating very basic XHTML pages.
As a matter of fact, I have taken a break to write this so I can relax my brain,
which is another plus of this blog!

Next hour I am going to try some of the Drew Brees workouts from the latest Men's Health.
I will post what I have found personally beneficial.
very interesting, the is an article for exercising for different body types people have...

Friday, September 17, 2010

1969 / 70 Slingerland Drums

So I really haven't talked anything on music yet on here...
With all my new focus and goal orientation, well,
I haven't really made any room for music,
or have any musical goals right now...
That was until this drum set fell in my lap!
This is my current restoration project,
hopefully I will be finished within the month...
What I had originally thought was an 80's Slingerland set, Niles Illinois badge,
I discovered this morning to have newspaper stuffed in the bass drum for dampening...
The newspaper date was September 1970...
Pretty F'n rad Eh?

My goal is to keep all the original parts,
(hardware needs some serious CLR and steel wool action)
Re-head with Fiberskyns
Get a new kick logo screen print,
and put on new bass drum spurs (the old legs are missing and very unpractical)...
After am finished,
tune it up to the likes of Stanton Moore or Billy Martin...

Here is the Before picture,
I cannot wait to shoe the after!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Style workout - FFL Week 1 - New Classes

It's been a few busy days since I last posted...
Also with my knee injury,
I have been just plain tired at times...
So, yesterday marked 1 week after my injury.
Feel pretty good, I will start working the leg out next week to rebuild strength...
-No crutches / very minimal swelling / can walk with very little problems...
Also, I stopped by the Vitamin Shoppe and picked up some "SuperCissus RX" joint formula... may check it out if you have joint / tendon issues...

Here is  my workout for the day:
My goal and main focus until the end of the year is core training at the focal point.
I found this video to combine a few exercises in 1 exercise,
and get right to the point...

FFL Week 1
Football started this week!
Which also marks the start of 3 FFL leagues I am in...
I had a couple of nervous moments but won all 3 games!
Here is another little nugget (cost is $14.99)
This provides analytical breakdowns in multiple scenarios...
Whatever it takes to win!

Classes started this week at ITT TECH
I have a pretty lame Microsoft Office class that will offer me an easy A,
and raise my 3.75 GPA.
I am however excited to start my "Intro to Web Applications" class tonight...
The time sucks 6pm-10:20pm,
I need to figure a way to stay Crisp!

Hope everyone is able to stay Crisp though everything they need to get done!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bunk Knee - Louisvile Beer Store - The IT Crowd

This has got off to be a "Shit Week"!!! (pardon my France')

-After my Jeep crapping, not testing out of Web Development,
and getting a B+ instead of an A in Algebra/Trigonometry (My new found anal retentiveness),
Peggy and I were playing tennis on Labor Day,
I ran for a ball, and snap, crackle, pop, I'm on my ass!
The same knee I had reconstructive ACL surgery, had given out on me on the right side...
The MCL I assume?

So, yesterday I had acquired a knee brace, some of Peggy's leftover hydrocodone,
and some crutches...

Well, the crutches which I sat on one of the computer desks as soon as I walked in the door, fell...
and, landed on the tripod where Peggy's camera sat,
thrusting it down breaking the lens... 
She was really cool about it,  but I was pretty sad,
That's her favorite toy...
However, she did order a new lens and is really stoked about it!

Today is a fresh start!
-I even did a light workout:
and did some weight shifted boxing...
Feel pretty good!

The same night I blogged about 732 Social, a few doors down is anther great find:
The Louisville Beer Store
In this awesome establishment, you can order and drink a beer,
while you are shopping for beer!
Check it out,
there are all sorts of events they do!

In my new found nerdy world,
I have discovered a new show...
The IT Crowd
It is a British comedy sitcom bases on the IT dept at a corporation...
I know, I get more and more exciting everyday!
Here is a link to free episodes:

Good times!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

732 Social -on Main St (Louisville KY)

I have been wanting to try 732 Social for a while now and jumped at the opportunity...
Last night we met some friends at 732 Social on Main st in the gallery district for some good eats...
And it was Very very tasty!

There are several main course style dishes and also smaller dishes (sides),
that are decent portioned, and best shared with friends...
The menu was hard to choose from because everything sounded good.
My favorites were not my main course, it was good! (Trout)
I had a sample of a friends Mussels, 
and wished I had got them...
Also, the shrimp Mac and Cheese is a Must!
The service was great in the chaotic environment!!!

(Here is a pic and a link)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Reminder Throught Web Course / Exercise If Only for 15 min / Eat A Good Lunch

I attempted to test out of "Intro to Web Applications"yesterday....Didn't happen!
No big deal, I am more concerned with Mastering the material,
and the test showed I didn't fully grasp all aspects...

So, this post serves as a reminder to myself what the test was over and what ket things to improve on...
HTML, tags, syntax, colors
XHTML tags, syntax  (tables, lists)
CSS, styles, properties, attributes
Javascript script...
And also hopefully someone else may find this information useful as a study guide...

I need to get ready for work and not write posts in a hurry,
but want to mention a quick work out...
I don't have time and/or motivation some days,
or most days...

Quick work out today (approx 15 min)
-blasted the punching bag (kicks, elbows, punches, jumping kicks)
-lifted 3 quick sets of reps (different grips each time)
-butt in the air, back arched, weight on shoulders:
    knees to the chest
    kicks all the way back
-I am still sweating!

Last remark of the Day!!!
-Pack a healthy lunch,
bring snacks to work (fruit, granola bars, nuts)
You will feel better and save money!!!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HTML5 - FFL draft #2 - Muay Thai Elbows

I hope today is a bit clearer than yesterday.
Sometimes I get so many things going on my brain gets hay wired!
I downloaded some audio to learn to speak Spanish, Russian, and Chinese yesterday.
I think it was the Spanish on the way to work that scrambled my brain!

Today's start has consisted of starting a HTML5 tutorial on
Just watched a few,
starting to learn Tags in more depth...

Also, preparing for Fantasy Football Draft #2 tonight
Last year I won both leagues, and want to win 3 leagues this year!!!
A great resource for Fantasy Football that was passed onto me is,
and it's links to Rotoworld (the free stuff is good) 
-Check out the fantasy Mill section as well
Here is the Rotoworld link:
I have to practice the utmost restrain and start Peggy's draft until she arrives from a volleyball game...
Not to worry, here picks are not much of an interest of mine vs. my picks...

Finally, I have been looking for some good Kung Fu  / Muay Thai workout exercises...
Again, this is the kind of thing that keeps me motivated, and the exercising fun...
I will try this one tomorrow:

Muay Thai Elbows