Thursday, December 30, 2010

DreamWeaver CS5 / Medicine Ball Exercise

I was going to wait until the new year to start getting busy here on this blog, but why wait!
I just got a medicine ball I ordered yesterday, and am ready to get busy using it...
Also, Peggy got me a new camera for xmas,
so there will be a lot more picture here in the future!

Here are a few exercises I picked up if you feel so inclined:
Men's Health  December 2010 issue

Medicine Ball Twist - Hold a medicine ball at chest level, arms straight out. Without moving your torso, rotate your arms far to the left, than far to the right. That's 1 rep.
Continue back and forth as fast as you can.

Mountain Climber- Assume a push up position with your hands on a medicine ball. Lift your right foot off the floor and raise your right knee as close to your chest as you can, without rounding your lower back. Put your leg down and repeat with your left leg.
Continue alternating as fast as you can.

Medicine Ball Slam - Hold a medicine ball at waist level, and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. While keeping your elbows slightly bent, explosively lift the ball up and slam it to the floor in front of you. Grab the ball on the rebound and repeat.

Here are some youtube link to some videos as well:

Adobe DreamWeaver CS5
I have also been studying DreamWeaver CS5 for Web application.

I really like my experience with Adobe products, and am enjoying this one as well! DreamWeaver allows you to create, even from preloaded templates, websites and pages without knowing HTML and CSS.
I am studying with a tutorial video that shows you how to work DreamWeaver and create as well as adjust code and understand it...
Here is a link to that tutorial video:
Hope some of this helps! I look forward to reading this back in the future and laughing at when I just got started!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

mySQL / Microsoft SQL server / Visual Studio 2010

Well almost the end of the year.
I am satisfied with my goals,
but really want to kick it into high gear in 2011...

I have classes in SQL this quarter and am looking to expand on what is presented.
I downloaded mySQL and installed...
Here is a link and also a link to a very helpful tutorial to get started:
mySQL tutorial:

My class is in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 which can be downloaded from Dreamspark as a student with a valid .edu email...

To day I am going to post a exercise on how to make a Splash Screen in Microsoft Visual Basic...
This exercise is from the book:
Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Jerry Lee Ford, Jr.
( It is proving to be a very helpful book! You should get it or subscribe to books 24/7 )

Adding a Splash Screen to Your Application

One thing that you might want to do to spice up your application is to give it a splash screen. The IDE makes the creation and setup of a splash screen very straightforward. All that you have to do is create a new form and then tell the IDE to make it your application’s splash screen.


A splash screen is a window that appears briefly when an application first loads. Application developers use splash screens to display product information or to distract users while their application loads.
The following example demonstrates the steps involved in adding a splash screen to your Visual Basic applications.
  1. Open a new Visual Basic Windows application project, and expand the default form to approximately twice its normal size to make it distinguishable from its splash screen. Place whatever controls you want on it.
  2. Click on the Project menu and select the Add Windows Form option.
  3.   Select the Splash Screen and click on the Add button. A window named SplashScreen1 is added to the project.
  4. The IDE will display the SplashScreen1 form. At this point you may add a Label control to the form and specify whatever text you want to have displayed. Optionally, you may add a PictureBox control to display a graphic. Visual Basic will automatically display text on the splash screen form representing your application’s name, version, and copyright date. You do not need to modify this information. Visual Basic will supply this information for you.
  5. Click on the Properties option located at the bottom on the Project menu. A new window will appear in the IDE.
  6. Make sure that the Application tab is displayed.
    Configuring a Visual Basic application to begin by displaying a splash screen.
  7. Using the Splash screen drop-down list at the bottom of the window, select SplashScreen1 as your application’s splash screen.
Now, close the Properties window and press F5 to run your application. Just before the main menu starts, you should briefly see your splash screen appear. After a moment, it will close and your application’s main window will be displayed.

 A splash screen gives the application developer a chance to share additional information with the user before the application starts.

The application’s main window appears as soon as the splash screen closes.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visual Studio Development - Village Anchor

I haven't posted in awhile...Been Busy Busy!
Just finished my Microsoft Office and XHTML courses,
should have an A in both classes!

I am exploring all the Microsoft content and trying to update on DreamSpark...

Just loaded up all the Visual Studio 2010 content and am going through new tutorials...

I am also wanting to get a Windows 7 phone eventually and learn how to develop apps for it...
I need to learn XAML first, the markup language of the phone...

Also a new restaurant we  recently tried and was Awesome is the Village Anchor:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Visual Basic button click game

I had mentioned previously that Peggy and I were working on getting out more and not being home bodies.
This past week we had met up with some folks from her softball team an played laser tag at lazerblaze in St. Matthews...
It was pretty awesome,
I haven't been since I was younger...
Good Times!

We also went out and ate at Dakshin which is very tasty!

The menu is vast and stretches India through Indo-Chinese dishes...

Visual Basic game project
A knowledge creating forms, buttons, and text-boxes, as well as naming properties is helpful before proceeding...
The bulk of my post here to add reference of a project in a book I have been working out of:

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Programming for the Absolute Beginner 
by Jerry Lee Ford, Jr.

Here is a button click game code from that book that can help you practice your skills at creating a program in VB

Step 1: Creating a New Visual Basic Project

The first step in creating the Click Race game is to start Visual Basic and open a new Windows Forms Application project.
  1. If you have not already done so, start up Visual Basic 2008 Express and then click on File and select New Project. The New Project dialog will appear.
  2. Click on the Windows Form Application icon.
  3. Next, type Click Race as the name of your new application in the Name field located at the bottom of the New Project window.
  4. Click on OK to close the New Project dialog.
Visual Basic will now create a new project, including an initial form, in its IDE.

Step 2: Creating the User Interface

  Now it is time to add the controls required to assemble the game’s interface. The overall layout of the game’s interface is shown in Figure 2.29.
Image from book
Figure 2.29: Completing the interface design for the Click Race game.
  1. Let’s begin by adding a TextBox to the form. By default, Visual Basic assigns the name Textbox1 to the control.
  2. Then let’s add a Label, which Visual Basic automatically names Label1, to the form.
  3. Move and resize TextBox1 and Label1 to the approximate location shown in Figure 2.29.
  4. Add the first button to the form and place it in the lower-left corner. Visual Basic assigns it the name Button1.
  5. Add the second button to the lower-right corner. Visual Basic assigns it the name Button2.

    It is important that you not get the buttons mixed up. You will need to know which button is which when it is time to begin adding code to the application.
  6. Then add the third button to the upper-right corner of the form. Visual Basic assigns it the name Button3.
  7. Next, add a fourth button just beneath it. Visual Basic assigns it the name Button4.
  8. Finally, add a Timer control to your form, which Visual Basic names Timer1. Since the user doesn’t interact directly with the timer, the Timer1 control is displayed in the component tray rather than on the main form.
The layout and design of your Visual Basic form is now complete and should look like the example shown in Figure 2.29, except that the Timer1 control is displayed in a component tray just below the form.

Step 3: Customizing Form and Control Properties

  Before you start customizing the properties associated with the controls that you just added to the form, let’s change one of the properties belonging to the form itself. Specifically, let’s modify the form so that it displays the text string of Click Race Game in its title bar. To do this, click anywhere on the form, except on top of one of its controls, and then locate the Text property in the Properties window and replace the default value of Form1 with Click Race Game.
The first control to modify is the Textbox1 control. Table 2.3 lists all of the properties that you should modify and shows what their new values should be.
Table 2.3: Property Changes for the Textbox 1 Control Open table as spreadsheet
  HotTrack (on the System Tab)
  Size 14
  132, 29
Once you have completed making the property changes for the TextBox1 control, let’s work on the Label1 control by making the property changes shown in Table 2.4.
Table 2.4: Property Changes for the label 1 Control Open table as spreadsheet
Add a note hereProperty
Add a note hereValue
  Size 12
  Number of Clicks
Now, referring to Table 2.5, modify the properties associated with Button1, Button2, Button3, and Button4.
Table 2.5: Property Changes for the Button Controls Open table as spreadsheet
Button Name
  Click Me!
  Size 9
  Click Me!
  Size 9
  Start Game
  Size 9
  Size 9
There is one last property modification that needs to be made. It is to the Timer1 control located in the component tray. By default, the Timer1 control’s Interval property is set to 100 by Visual Basic at design time. Interval represents the amount of time in milliseconds that passes during each interval measured by the Timer control. It is a lot easier for people to think in terms of seconds than in terms of milliseconds. So let’s change the value assigned to Interval1 to 1000 as shown in Table 2.6.
Table 2.6: Property Changes for the Timer 1 Control Open table as spreadsheet
That’s all the property modifications that are required for the Click Race game. Now it is time to give life to the application by adding the programming code that will make the game run.

Step 4: Adding a Little Programming Logic

  Okay, it is time to start coding. If you double-click on Form1, Visual Basic starts things off for you by adding a number of lines of code, as shown next. Actually, what you’ll see in the code editor window is slightly different from what you see here. Take a look at the end of the second line of code shown below. Notice that it ends with the underscore character. In Visual Basic, the underscore character is used as a continuation character. I added it where I did so that I could make the code statement a little easier to read by breaking it out into two lines. Other than this cosmetic change, everything else is exactly the same.
Public Class Form1

    Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
      ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

    End Sub

End Class
Visual Basic 2008 Express is an OOP (object-oriented programming) language. In order to work with an object, you must define an instance of the object in your application. In the case of the above code, in the first statement, Visual Basic defines an object named Form1 on your behalf, which extracts everything it needs from the Visual Basic Class Library. All code for the Form1 object or any of the controls that you have added to the form is placed somewhere after the Public Class Form1 statement and before the closing End Class statement. These two statements define the beginning and end of the code affecting the Form1 object.

In between the Public Class Form1 statement and the End Class statement are two more statements. These statements identify the beginning and end of the Form1_Load event procedure. Take a look at the first of these two statements and you will see that the first statement assigns the procedure the name Form1_Load. You can change the name of the procedure to anything that makes sense to you.
The Load keyword refers to the form’s Load event. Events occur in Visual Basic whenever something happens. For example, when a form first appears or loads, the Load event for that form executes. Therefore, this procedure executes when the application starts (for example, when the form first loads). Don’t worry if this explanation is a little difficult to grasp just yet. I shared it with you now just to try to give you a feel for what Visual Basic is doing. I’ll go over procedures and events in much more detail in later chapters.
  Now it is time to begin adding code to the Click Race game. Again, since you won’t start learning how to formulate Visual Basic statements until Chapter 4, “Working with Menus and Toolbars,” just follow along and make sure that you enter any Visual Basic statements exactly as I’ll show you.
For starters, add the two statements shown below in bold exactly where shown. These statements define two variables that the application will use to keep track of how many times the player has clicked on the game’s buttons and how long the game has been running.
Public Class Form1

    Dim intCounter As Integer = 0
    Dim intTimerCount As Integer = 0

    Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
      ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

    End Sub

End Class
Next, add the two statements shown below in bold in the Form1_Load procedure. These statements execute as soon as the form loads and gray out the two buttons used to play the game.
Public Class Form1

    Dim intCounter As Integer = 0
    Dim intTimerCount As Integer = 0

    Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
      ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

        Button1.Enabled = False
        Button2.Enabled = False

    End Sub

End Class
  Now click on the Form1.vb [Design] tab to return to the designer view and then double-click on Button1. This switches you right back to the code editor, where you will see that Visual Basic has added a new procedure named Button1_Click. Add the four statements shown below in bold to this procedure exactly as shown. The first statement adds a value of 1 to the intCounter variable, which the game uses to track the total number of mouse clicks made by the player. The second statement displays the value of intCounter in the Textbox1 control so that the player will know that a click has been counted. The next two statements gray out or disable Button1 and enable Button2 (because the game forces the player to alternate the clicking of these two buttons).
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
  ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

    intCounter = intCounter + 1
    TextBox1.Text = intCounter
    Button1.Enabled = False
    Button2.Enabled = True

End Sub
Now click on the Form1.vb [Design] tab to return to the designer view and then double-click on Button2. This switches you back to the code editor. You’ll notice that Visual Basic has added a new procedure named Button2_Click. Add the four statements shown below in bold to this procedure. As you can see, these statements look almost exactly like the four statements that you added to the previous procedure, except that the last two statements switch the enabling and disabling of the two game buttons.
 Private Sub Button2_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
  ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button2.Click

    intCounter = intCounter + 1
    TextBox1.Text = intCounter
    Button1.Enabled = True
    Button2.Enabled = False

End Sub
Now it is time to add some code to the game’s Start button (Button3). Start by clicking on the Form1.vb [Design] tab to return to the designer view and then double-click on Button3. This switches you back to the code editor. You’ll notice that Visual Basic has added a new procedure named Button3_Click. Add the six statements exactly as shown below to this procedure. This procedure is used to start or restart the game at any time. The first two statements reset the values assigned to the game’s two variables back to zero. The next statement clears out Textbox1. Two statements that follow enable Button1 and disable Button2. The last statement restarts the Timer1 control.
Private Sub Button3_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
  ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button3.Click

    intCounter = 0
    intTimerCount = 0
    TextBox1.Text = ""
    Button1.Enabled = True
    Button2.Enabled = False
    Timer1.Enabled = True

End Sub
Now let’s fix up the Exit button (Button4) so that it will close the Click Race game when the player clicks on it. Click on the Form1.vb [Design] tab to return to the designer view and then double-click on Button3. This switches you back to the code editor, where you’ll see that Visual Basic has added a new procedure named Button4_Click. Add the following statement to it, shown in bold, exactly as shown next. This statement tells Visual Basic to exit the application.
Private Sub Button4_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
  ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button4.Click


End Sub
Now all that is left to do is to add some code to the Timer1 control so that it will limit the player’s turn to 30 seconds. Click on the Form1.vb [Design] tab to return to the designer view. Double-click on Timer1. Visual Basic automatically adds the Timer1_Tick procedure to your application. Add the five Visual Basic statements shown below in bold to this procedure. The first statement tells the Timer1 control to keep track of the number of seconds that it has run. Remember that you previously configured the Timer1 object’s Interval property so that the Timer1 control would execute every second. The next four statements will execute as soon as the Timer1 control has run for 30 seconds, at which time the two game buttons will be disabled, thus ending the player’s turn.
Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, _
  ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick

    intTimerCount = intTimerCount + 1
    If intTimerCount = 30 Then
      Button1.Enabled = False
      Button2.Enabled = False
    End If

End Sub
click F5 or run and check your work!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get up and out!

 New Goal
I have been like a mad scientist working in the lab!
The goal of this whole blog was to keep me motivated and on point focused on my goals,
which I have been more focused on different aspects at times,
but the main goal is being achieved...
So, what next?
I need to get out more!
Peggy and I are so busy and have our hobbies and studies and of course work which consumes a lot of time...
I had mentioned to her that we need to go see more shows (music - comedy - sports- etc)
So that will be a new source of material I hope to add here...
Also here are some new nuggets of info for ya:

New Restaurant we tried recently...

These are some photos from their website.
We had the "feed me light" with wine pairings (3 courses)
It was very tasty!

New Math tutorial page I have found a little helpful for trigonometry exercises:

I have also been plugging away at Visual Basic game exercises and tables in XHTML...
I might start putting those codes up here in the future, well see!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

JAVA - NetBeans - Eclipse - Tool

Lots going on!
I have a Midterm in XHTML tomorrow night.
Which stinks because tomorrow night is Peggy's BDay!
I think I might have some magic up my sleeve for her this week...

The Slingerland refurbished drums are complete,  and up on ebay...
Here is the link:

I have been jamming Tool really loud all morning, and it feels great!
I can't believe Maynard is in the Wine business now
Here is the link: (Very cool site!)

(pic from

I have downloaded several programs today to get prepped for future studies and accomplishments
Here is what I got:
-For Python writing / integration

Java SDK and NetBeans for Java Development

Hope some of this helps someone find what they are looking for!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Technology Review MIT - Python

I, out of finishing my work in class last night,
and wanting to appear busy still...
stumbled upon this blog from a link from my membership.
Those wiley MIT bastards as so smart!
There is all kinds of  mind refreshing / stimulating articles here along with some of the freshest ideas in the field...

I also spoke with several other students at ITT and they all are starting programming ( which Websters dictionary also accepts "programing" with 1 letter m as correct ) using Python language and pseudocode in Raptor as well...
Time to get busy!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back from Florida.... Drum pics...

First day back from Jensen Beach Florida...
Had a great time,
but feels good to be back home.
Peggy's brothers wedding was very nice, got to go deep sea fishing, and then deep sea puking, and swimming...
The dogs are very happy to have their peoples back!!!

On a side note,
here are the finished pics for the late 60's Slingerland kit I promised when it was finished:

Cleaned up pretty nice, eh!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

XHTML / CSS / WordPress

So I am now waist deep ion XHTML entering into the world of CSS...
I am enjoying it quite a bit,
I just need to stay focused!
I new you could view a source code page from the browser,
but until now it never really made any sense to me what I was looking at,
now it is starting to all form together what is going on by looking at the code...

I am studying,
or taking a break from studying CSS and changing page attributes today,
and have class over the material tonight...

I have also created a blog for Moms Music in Word Press for a change of pace.
I like they layout and features!
Check it out:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kindle - The More I Read The Better My Memory...

So, my birthday isn't until the End of November,
but Peggy has already got me a Kindle!
And that is Awesome!
I can have books with me everywhere and easily...
I just need to learn navigation and uploading my content...

It seems the more I read and take notes,
the better my memory gets remembering chucks of info while transferring to my notebook
Just an observation!

Today I am starting creating very basic XHTML pages.
As a matter of fact, I have taken a break to write this so I can relax my brain,
which is another plus of this blog!

Next hour I am going to try some of the Drew Brees workouts from the latest Men's Health.
I will post what I have found personally beneficial.
very interesting, the is an article for exercising for different body types people have...

Friday, September 17, 2010

1969 / 70 Slingerland Drums

So I really haven't talked anything on music yet on here...
With all my new focus and goal orientation, well,
I haven't really made any room for music,
or have any musical goals right now...
That was until this drum set fell in my lap!
This is my current restoration project,
hopefully I will be finished within the month...
What I had originally thought was an 80's Slingerland set, Niles Illinois badge,
I discovered this morning to have newspaper stuffed in the bass drum for dampening...
The newspaper date was September 1970...
Pretty F'n rad Eh?

My goal is to keep all the original parts,
(hardware needs some serious CLR and steel wool action)
Re-head with Fiberskyns
Get a new kick logo screen print,
and put on new bass drum spurs (the old legs are missing and very unpractical)...
After am finished,
tune it up to the likes of Stanton Moore or Billy Martin...

Here is the Before picture,
I cannot wait to shoe the after!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Style workout - FFL Week 1 - New Classes

It's been a few busy days since I last posted...
Also with my knee injury,
I have been just plain tired at times...
So, yesterday marked 1 week after my injury.
Feel pretty good, I will start working the leg out next week to rebuild strength...
-No crutches / very minimal swelling / can walk with very little problems...
Also, I stopped by the Vitamin Shoppe and picked up some "SuperCissus RX" joint formula... may check it out if you have joint / tendon issues...

Here is  my workout for the day:
My goal and main focus until the end of the year is core training at the focal point.
I found this video to combine a few exercises in 1 exercise,
and get right to the point...

FFL Week 1
Football started this week!
Which also marks the start of 3 FFL leagues I am in...
I had a couple of nervous moments but won all 3 games!
Here is another little nugget (cost is $14.99)
This provides analytical breakdowns in multiple scenarios...
Whatever it takes to win!

Classes started this week at ITT TECH
I have a pretty lame Microsoft Office class that will offer me an easy A,
and raise my 3.75 GPA.
I am however excited to start my "Intro to Web Applications" class tonight...
The time sucks 6pm-10:20pm,
I need to figure a way to stay Crisp!

Hope everyone is able to stay Crisp though everything they need to get done!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bunk Knee - Louisvile Beer Store - The IT Crowd

This has got off to be a "Shit Week"!!! (pardon my France')

-After my Jeep crapping, not testing out of Web Development,
and getting a B+ instead of an A in Algebra/Trigonometry (My new found anal retentiveness),
Peggy and I were playing tennis on Labor Day,
I ran for a ball, and snap, crackle, pop, I'm on my ass!
The same knee I had reconstructive ACL surgery, had given out on me on the right side...
The MCL I assume?

So, yesterday I had acquired a knee brace, some of Peggy's leftover hydrocodone,
and some crutches...

Well, the crutches which I sat on one of the computer desks as soon as I walked in the door, fell...
and, landed on the tripod where Peggy's camera sat,
thrusting it down breaking the lens... 
She was really cool about it,  but I was pretty sad,
That's her favorite toy...
However, she did order a new lens and is really stoked about it!

Today is a fresh start!
-I even did a light workout:
and did some weight shifted boxing...
Feel pretty good!

The same night I blogged about 732 Social, a few doors down is anther great find:
The Louisville Beer Store
In this awesome establishment, you can order and drink a beer,
while you are shopping for beer!
Check it out,
there are all sorts of events they do!

In my new found nerdy world,
I have discovered a new show...
The IT Crowd
It is a British comedy sitcom bases on the IT dept at a corporation...
I know, I get more and more exciting everyday!
Here is a link to free episodes:

Good times!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

732 Social -on Main St (Louisville KY)

I have been wanting to try 732 Social for a while now and jumped at the opportunity...
Last night we met some friends at 732 Social on Main st in the gallery district for some good eats...
And it was Very very tasty!

There are several main course style dishes and also smaller dishes (sides),
that are decent portioned, and best shared with friends...
The menu was hard to choose from because everything sounded good.
My favorites were not my main course, it was good! (Trout)
I had a sample of a friends Mussels, 
and wished I had got them...
Also, the shrimp Mac and Cheese is a Must!
The service was great in the chaotic environment!!!

(Here is a pic and a link)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Reminder Throught Web Course / Exercise If Only for 15 min / Eat A Good Lunch

I attempted to test out of "Intro to Web Applications"yesterday....Didn't happen!
No big deal, I am more concerned with Mastering the material,
and the test showed I didn't fully grasp all aspects...

So, this post serves as a reminder to myself what the test was over and what ket things to improve on...
HTML, tags, syntax, colors
XHTML tags, syntax  (tables, lists)
CSS, styles, properties, attributes
Javascript script...
And also hopefully someone else may find this information useful as a study guide...

I need to get ready for work and not write posts in a hurry,
but want to mention a quick work out...
I don't have time and/or motivation some days,
or most days...

Quick work out today (approx 15 min)
-blasted the punching bag (kicks, elbows, punches, jumping kicks)
-lifted 3 quick sets of reps (different grips each time)
-butt in the air, back arched, weight on shoulders:
    knees to the chest
    kicks all the way back
-I am still sweating!

Last remark of the Day!!!
-Pack a healthy lunch,
bring snacks to work (fruit, granola bars, nuts)
You will feel better and save money!!!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HTML5 - FFL draft #2 - Muay Thai Elbows

I hope today is a bit clearer than yesterday.
Sometimes I get so many things going on my brain gets hay wired!
I downloaded some audio to learn to speak Spanish, Russian, and Chinese yesterday.
I think it was the Spanish on the way to work that scrambled my brain!

Today's start has consisted of starting a HTML5 tutorial on
Just watched a few,
starting to learn Tags in more depth...

Also, preparing for Fantasy Football Draft #2 tonight
Last year I won both leagues, and want to win 3 leagues this year!!!
A great resource for Fantasy Football that was passed onto me is,
and it's links to Rotoworld (the free stuff is good) 
-Check out the fantasy Mill section as well
Here is the Rotoworld link:
I have to practice the utmost restrain and start Peggy's draft until she arrives from a volleyball game...
Not to worry, here picks are not much of an interest of mine vs. my picks...

Finally, I have been looking for some good Kung Fu  / Muay Thai workout exercises...
Again, this is the kind of thing that keeps me motivated, and the exercising fun...
I will try this one tomorrow:

Muay Thai Elbows


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exercise Motivation

I knew I wanted to go for a bike ride this morning as soon as I got up and got going...
I knew this because my Jeep broke down last week.
And in taking my Jeep to to the shop,
I threw my bike in the back to give myself a ride home...
Well, that short bike ride home, mind you I was riding fast, kicked my ass!
So, the idea of a weekly bike ride was born...
Now to just get myself out the door to do so!

Here is what got me:
1) Psyched myself up telling myself how good I'd feel after...

2) Remembered an article I just read in Mens Health, about warming up...
-It was the warm up that got me moving and eventually out the door
(Read point number 3 on page two of this article)

My warm up consisted of some light kickboxing,
-a few bench presses
-some core stretching and crunches
-and a last blow up on the punching bag...

After my ride I was able to go back downstairs and:
-do some deadlifts,  shrugs, and curls
-and blow up on the bag again

Now I am ready for a powerful lunch,
and feeling good about getting my work and study day started!

Once again I had to program my brain to do as I ultimately wanted...
Had I not psyched myself up,
none of this would have happened...


Monday, August 30, 2010

Opening Post

I am currently enrolled at ITT Tech in Louisville KY studying software development.
The classes are crazy expensive!
So, having the opportunity to test out of some,
I am trying to take full advantage!

I have been studying intro to Web Design for the last few weeks,
and hope to test out this Thursday morning...
I have almost finished a web tutorial series from
which I have found to be an extremely valuable resource for multiple media and design needs!

So, getting to the end of the Web Design Principals tutorial the chapter video is titled:
"Getting Online Quickly" mentioning blogs...

And Drumroll (blahhblamblamalamblahblamablamblam)
Brain Programmers Food is born