Tuesday, October 19, 2010

JAVA - NetBeans - Eclipse - Tool

Lots going on!
I have a Midterm in XHTML tomorrow night.
Which stinks because tomorrow night is Peggy's BDay!
I think I might have some magic up my sleeve for her this week...

The Slingerland refurbished drums are complete,  and up on ebay...
Here is the link:

I have been jamming Tool really loud all morning, and it feels great!
I can't believe Maynard is in the Wine business now
Here is the link: (Very cool site!)

(pic from www.franticmag.com)

I have downloaded several programs today to get prepped for future studies and accomplishments
Here is what I got:
-For Python writing / integration

Java SDK and NetBeans for Java Development

Hope some of this helps someone find what they are looking for!


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