Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Get up and out!

 New Goal
I have been like a mad scientist working in the lab!
The goal of this whole blog was to keep me motivated and on point focused on my goals,
which I have been more focused on different aspects at times,
but the main goal is being achieved...
So, what next?
I need to get out more!
Peggy and I are so busy and have our hobbies and studies and of course work which consumes a lot of time...
I had mentioned to her that we need to go see more shows (music - comedy - sports- etc)
So that will be a new source of material I hope to add here...
Also here are some new nuggets of info for ya:

New Restaurant we tried recently...

These are some photos from their website.
We had the "feed me light" with wine pairings (3 courses)
It was very tasty!

New Math tutorial page I have found a little helpful for trigonometry exercises:

I have also been plugging away at Visual Basic game exercises and tables in XHTML...
I might start putting those codes up here in the future, well see!


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