Monday, February 28, 2011

XML continued and C# from scratch

Man, still winded.
Just did a quick burst exercise routine
(stretch/ push ups / lat pulls / leg presses / curls / dumbbell upper chest / push ups /
jumping jacks / light kick-boxing) *In 15 minutes

I have been slacking on the exercise from due to my recent insane study habits.
I am finishing my ITT Tech classes; Management Information Systems and Databases.
And I am personally studying C# and XML while doing exercises in Visual Basic as well.

XML continued from last post
Another good place to study XML and it's use in the current environment is in 2 tutorial videos sections on
Topics I will be expanding on are: (XPath, XLST, XML Schema, RSS, and ATOM)

Here are the links to the 2 tutorial sections:
XML Essential Training
Real World XML

In addition, I have been reading Microsoft Visual C# step by step by  John Sharp
from ITT Tech's virtual library.

So far, a similar feel from Visual Basic,
but different syntax and abilities.
I look forward to start writing .NET programs and applications.
I will post some of my projects soon!


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