Friday, September 17, 2010

1969 / 70 Slingerland Drums

So I really haven't talked anything on music yet on here...
With all my new focus and goal orientation, well,
I haven't really made any room for music,
or have any musical goals right now...
That was until this drum set fell in my lap!
This is my current restoration project,
hopefully I will be finished within the month...
What I had originally thought was an 80's Slingerland set, Niles Illinois badge,
I discovered this morning to have newspaper stuffed in the bass drum for dampening...
The newspaper date was September 1970...
Pretty F'n rad Eh?

My goal is to keep all the original parts,
(hardware needs some serious CLR and steel wool action)
Re-head with Fiberskyns
Get a new kick logo screen print,
and put on new bass drum spurs (the old legs are missing and very unpractical)...
After am finished,
tune it up to the likes of Stanton Moore or Billy Martin...

Here is the Before picture,
I cannot wait to shoe the after!!!

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