Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bunk Knee - Louisvile Beer Store - The IT Crowd

This has got off to be a "Shit Week"!!! (pardon my France')

-After my Jeep crapping, not testing out of Web Development,
and getting a B+ instead of an A in Algebra/Trigonometry (My new found anal retentiveness),
Peggy and I were playing tennis on Labor Day,
I ran for a ball, and snap, crackle, pop, I'm on my ass!
The same knee I had reconstructive ACL surgery, had given out on me on the right side...
The MCL I assume?

So, yesterday I had acquired a knee brace, some of Peggy's leftover hydrocodone,
and some crutches...

Well, the crutches which I sat on one of the computer desks as soon as I walked in the door, fell...
and, landed on the tripod where Peggy's camera sat,
thrusting it down breaking the lens... 
She was really cool about it,  but I was pretty sad,
That's her favorite toy...
However, she did order a new lens and is really stoked about it!

Today is a fresh start!
-I even did a light workout:
and did some weight shifted boxing...
Feel pretty good!

The same night I blogged about 732 Social, a few doors down is anther great find:
The Louisville Beer Store
In this awesome establishment, you can order and drink a beer,
while you are shopping for beer!
Check it out,
there are all sorts of events they do!

In my new found nerdy world,
I have discovered a new show...
The IT Crowd
It is a British comedy sitcom bases on the IT dept at a corporation...
I know, I get more and more exciting everyday!
Here is a link to free episodes:

Good times!

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