Friday, September 3, 2010

Reminder Throught Web Course / Exercise If Only for 15 min / Eat A Good Lunch

I attempted to test out of "Intro to Web Applications"yesterday....Didn't happen!
No big deal, I am more concerned with Mastering the material,
and the test showed I didn't fully grasp all aspects...

So, this post serves as a reminder to myself what the test was over and what ket things to improve on...
HTML, tags, syntax, colors
XHTML tags, syntax  (tables, lists)
CSS, styles, properties, attributes
Javascript script...
And also hopefully someone else may find this information useful as a study guide...

I need to get ready for work and not write posts in a hurry,
but want to mention a quick work out...
I don't have time and/or motivation some days,
or most days...

Quick work out today (approx 15 min)
-blasted the punching bag (kicks, elbows, punches, jumping kicks)
-lifted 3 quick sets of reps (different grips each time)
-butt in the air, back arched, weight on shoulders:
    knees to the chest
    kicks all the way back
-I am still sweating!

Last remark of the Day!!!
-Pack a healthy lunch,
bring snacks to work (fruit, granola bars, nuts)
You will feel better and save money!!!


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