Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HTML5 - FFL draft #2 - Muay Thai Elbows

I hope today is a bit clearer than yesterday.
Sometimes I get so many things going on my brain gets hay wired!
I downloaded some audio to learn to speak Spanish, Russian, and Chinese yesterday.
I think it was the Spanish on the way to work that scrambled my brain!

Today's start has consisted of starting a HTML5 tutorial on
Just watched a few,
starting to learn Tags in more depth...

Also, preparing for Fantasy Football Draft #2 tonight
Last year I won both leagues, and want to win 3 leagues this year!!!
A great resource for Fantasy Football that was passed onto me is,
and it's links to Rotoworld (the free stuff is good) 
-Check out the fantasy Mill section as well
Here is the Rotoworld link:
I have to practice the utmost restrain and start Peggy's draft until she arrives from a volleyball game...
Not to worry, here picks are not much of an interest of mine vs. my picks...

Finally, I have been looking for some good Kung Fu  / Muay Thai workout exercises...
Again, this is the kind of thing that keeps me motivated, and the exercising fun...
I will try this one tomorrow:

Muay Thai Elbows



  1. I bet my team kicks your team's butt... Just sayin.