Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Style workout - FFL Week 1 - New Classes

It's been a few busy days since I last posted...
Also with my knee injury,
I have been just plain tired at times...
So, yesterday marked 1 week after my injury.
Feel pretty good, I will start working the leg out next week to rebuild strength...
-No crutches / very minimal swelling / can walk with very little problems...
Also, I stopped by the Vitamin Shoppe and picked up some "SuperCissus RX" joint formula... may check it out if you have joint / tendon issues...

Here is  my workout for the day:
My goal and main focus until the end of the year is core training at the focal point.
I found this video to combine a few exercises in 1 exercise,
and get right to the point...

FFL Week 1
Football started this week!
Which also marks the start of 3 FFL leagues I am in...
I had a couple of nervous moments but won all 3 games!
Here is another little nugget (cost is $14.99)
This provides analytical breakdowns in multiple scenarios...
Whatever it takes to win!

Classes started this week at ITT TECH
I have a pretty lame Microsoft Office class that will offer me an easy A,
and raise my 3.75 GPA.
I am however excited to start my "Intro to Web Applications" class tonight...
The time sucks 6pm-10:20pm,
I need to figure a way to stay Crisp!

Hope everyone is able to stay Crisp though everything they need to get done!

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